Data Center Equipment Lift-Guidelines in Purchasing This Equipment


Heavy IT equipment is hard to install in a rack and if it is done manually it can injure the worker. That is why you need to have a data center equipment lift. There are things that you need to consider before purchasing a data center equipment lift. 

Below are your guidelines in purchasing a data center equipment lift:

A. The equipment must should be built just for data centers

The lifter must be suitable for the data center. People often make mistakes when purchasing a lifter since they purchase those that were made for warehouses. Lifters for warehouses are actually not that easy to maneuver, does not have a good braking system and it cannot extend into the rack, which makes the installation process not easy and safe.

B. The lifter should be able to insert equipment in the racks

The main purpose of lifters is to lift a certain equipment to places that you cannot easily reach, however data center lifters can actually can hold the equipment while it is being fastened in the rack by the technician.

Using this lifter can provide safety and can save time.

C. The lifter should be able to carry your maximum load

Check the lifter that you purchase, it should be able to carry and handle the weight of your equipment such as power supplies, switches, servers and more. Even if you do not have equipment that are too heavy, it is still best if you purchase a lifter with a high capacity rate since you never know if you will have heavier equipment. There could be problems with the installation of data center equipment when you use lifters for warehouses. Installing, servers in the racks are much more complicated than unloading boxes on warehouse shelves. 

D. Consider the size of the lifter

There are some lifters that have rectangular footprints and square footprints. if you have racks in a small aisle, then you should choose a lifter with a small footprint. Lifters with a rectangular footprint has a load and table that is suspended. Square footprint lifters has a frame that is easily mounted to support the lift table. During the lift the tower frame will be strapped in the rack and this is why it is safer to use a ServerLift with a square footprint.

E. The lifter should have a great lifting speed and has a precise adjustment

The lifter should match the mounting point of the rack, so the installation will be quick and easy.

F. The DataCenter Equipment Lift should be able to reach the rack height that you desire

The main purpose of lifters is to bring heavy equipment in the rack height that you desire.

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